Prolong the life of your Heating System

MagnaCleanse represents another breakthrough in power-flushing and is suitable for all domestic central heating systems.

It is recommended as best practice in ongoing system maintenance and protection and delivers benefits for installers and homeowners.

The company that pioneered magnetic filtration and the award winning MagnaOean technology has developed MagnaCleanse to deliver an even more effective approach to system flushing, saving time and money for heating professionals.

  • Removes ALL black iron oxide contamination – In ONE pass
  • Reduces standard power-flushing times by up to two-thirds – Achievable in TWO hours
  • More effective power-flushing results
  • Cleanser remains concentrated within the system throughout the process
  • Cleanser remains heated within the system throughout the process
  • Saves UP TO 90% on water – disposal ONLY at the end of the proces

Get your heating system professionally flushed from £300

Offers also available with permant heating system cleaning filter